Why Students Bunk Classes?

Before we start to tell you why some of the kids bunk college, Boldsky advices you teens to enjoy every moment of your college life as you will never get it back. College is one of those memories which will always be treasured in most of our lives. When it comes to college and bunking, us oldies have many reasons why we used to bunk classes unlike the kids who do so today.

Bunking college is considered to be a cool thing to do with every teenager. The thrill of running out of class and missing those boring lectures is something we oldies will never get back. On the other hand, parents who refrain their kids from bunking should at some point allow them to miss those classes just to get the thrill out of life.

Parents who are wondering why their teens want to bunk classes, here are some of the reasons why they love to bunk and stay out of class. As a parent you should also be aware of some qualities of these modern day students who seem to lack punctuality which is replaced by playfulness, they have a demanding-nature along with slickness. Below are some of the reasons why students love college but not attending classes.

Take a look at the reasons why bunking classes in college is a thrill. You will be surprised:

For Love
For the sake of love, there are many students who bunk classes to spend time with their partner. College is a time where you get to meet those sassy girls and those dudes you instantly fall in love with. Therefore, this is one of the most common reasons as to why many students bunk classes in college.

Peer Pressure
Peer pressure is one thing that can make you do anything for the most silly reasons. When you are under the influence of peer pressure, you tend to do only what the other is doing. Thus, this is another reason why students bunk classes in college.

Dislike Towards A Subject
According to research, it is said that most students dislike subjects such as math and history. And most students would prefer to bunk these classes to stay away from subjects they dislike.

Hate The Teacher
Hatred towards a teacher can get one into serious trouble! There are tons of students who do not like to attend classes as they hate the teacher and want to stay away from the sight of them, which is why bunking that teacher’s class will seem like an easy option for them.

Love For Hobbies
Nothing can stop a student from pursuing his/her hobbies. This is especially true in a college kid’s world, where he/she can give up his classes just for the love of his hobbies.

Therefore, strange as it sounds, these are some of the main reasons why students bunk classes in college. So, the next time your child has a shortage of attendance in a subject, you might want to consider these reasons.

By: Denise Baptiste

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